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Content Marketing In Organic Search

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Say you have a presentation with a very powerful message about the mission of your brand. You’re qualified to speak on the subject matter because you live and breathe it — and your audience cares, because what you do makes a difference in their lives.

Your goal is to get this message in front of as many people as you can. So you sign up to talk at professional organizations, networking events, industry conferences, small groups of decision-makers and so on.

After years of giving this presentation, you realize that there’s one particular group of people who represent the most opportunity for your brand — those who want to receive your message and are most responsive to it. You observe that these people have certain characteristics and may even live within a particular region. To maximize your ROI, you’ll want to ensure that you are tapping into this group in a meaningful way.

This is the scenario brands face today online: working to get the right message in front of the right people. When harnessed properly, organic search presents one of the greatest opportunities to find those with whom your message will resonate best.

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